About Us

Founded by Richard and Cathy Harmon, Day By Day has been available since 2018 to help many who struggle with substance abuse.

Day By Day is a 501(c )3 tax exempt charity with a mission to help those suffering from substance abuse and their family. We believe that as long as an addict is alive there is hope.

Drug overdose deaths reached another record level, in the United States, in the spring of 2023. From the end of March 2022 to April 2023 more than 111,000 people died from accidental drug overdose during that 12-month period and by the end of March 2024 a new devastating 12 months is on track to be another record number of deaths.  The leading cause of death of Americans between the age of 18 and 45 is accidental drug overdose. 

At Day By Day, we strongly recommend faith-based treatment. We believe that Jesus is the Deliverer and our goal is to help those suffering from the disease of addiction come to a place of healing, restoration and faith in Christ.

If you are a loved one needs help in overcoming their addiction please contact us for help.

Our Mission

The mission of Day By Day is to help individuals addicted to drugs.

Addiction is a disease. This disease is progressive and terminal if left untreated.

Our commitment is to help those who struggle. We know that as long as an addict is alive, there is hope.

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