Working Out in Recovery: Freedom Through Fitness and Grace

Freedom Through Fitness and Grace   helps those suffering from addiction   and recovery. The program  has begun and we have room for more to participate and discover healing. There is no cost for you to particpate. 

Exercise appears to have great potential as a supplementary treatment for those suffering with substance abuse or struggling with recovery. Stress, anxiety, and depression are the major symptoms of withdrawals. Research shows that exercise can improve and help eliminate withdrawal symptoms and help individuals recover.

A certified trainer will work with each client and develop a program to help in recovery. Participants will have the support and accountability of the Day By Day team to learn how to use exercise to help treat their addiction and develop healthy new habits.

Freedom Through Fitness and Grace  is FREE!!!

Call Richard today and discuss the program and join up. He can be reached at 803.270.8376. Remember there is no cost for participating. 

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