Working Out in Recovery: Freedom Through Fitness and Grace

Stress, anxiety and depression are major symptoms of withdrawal. Research shows that exercise can improve mental health, and experts are increasingly suggesting that exercise can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. At Day By Day, we understand the damage that addiction takes on the mind, body and spirit.

Exercise appears to have a great unexplained potential as a supplementary treatment for addictions. You do not have to spend hours in the gym to see its value. Any consistent, intentional exercise routine is beneficial, giving structure and focus to days that can feel overwhelming or out of control, while also providing tangible health benefits.


Day By Day is developing a new fitness program for recovering addicts – Working Out in Recovery. Participants in this program will have the support and accountability of the Day By Day team to learn how to use exercise to help treat addiction and develop healthy new habits.

Day By Day is seeking sponsors and financial supporters to help bring the vision for Working Out in Recovery to life. To learn more about donating to Working Out in Recovery or to ask questions about the program, call 1-803-270-8376. We believe your time and financial support will have a long-term impact.


Participants in Working Out in Recovery will receive a customized exercise program, tailored to their specific health and addiction recovery goals, including:

  • Meeting with a doctor and a Day By Day counselor to establish physical and mental health benchmarks
  • Determining exercise interests and motivations
  • Setting personal goals
  • Starting slowly
  • Moving toward recovery

Our goal is to equip men and women with lifelong health and exercise rhythms that redirect additive tendencies – increasing physical and mental health and decreasing the likelihood of relapse.


Day By Day believes that both men and women are made in the image of God with a specific value and purpose that He has intended for them. We believe that freedom from addiction is possible only by the grace of God who works by the power of His Spirit in those who surrender to Him. We believe that genuine discipling relationships are the biblical way to assist people in the transformation of their lives by the renewal of their minds.

Day By Day Outreach is on a mission to help individuals facing addiction. Our experienced addiction counselors provide accountability, comfort and privacy, with the goal of restoring lives and relationships. If you or someone you know is facing addiction or if you have questions about donating to or partnering with our new Working Out in Recovery program, contact us today at 1-803-270-8376. We’ll help you take it day by day.

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